New and meaningful ways to take advantage of the data produced in a daily basis. Take balanced and informed decisions every time.

How Does It work?

Connect The Source

We link your database to our servers to start the information workflow.

Run Analytics

We create the dashboards and specific analysis reports tailored to your needs.

Turn Them Into actions

A team of qualified technicians evaluate the information and help you to take actions

Customer Reviews

It is a very useful tool for us administrator, visually friendly, it summarizes the data in a very easy way and it allows me to make administrative decisions with precise information.
Luis Quiñones
Imaging Dept Admin
Realmente es sorprendente como ha aumentado la productividad de cada radiólogo con el sistema Synapse. Realmente es una empresa que es como una familia.
Lorainne Vázquez, MD
Dept. de Radiologia
One of the advantages that we have achieved with DISS is out of a commercial relationship, it is like a a partnership, a relationship where they seek alternatives that we need .
Gillermo Martin
Professional Health Management

Our Services

24/7 Support

A team always available for you and focused on each individual customer.

Trusted Company

More than 20 years of service, and hundreds of happy customers are our testimony.

Top Quality Tools

Tools developed from scratch, tailored to your needs.

Quality Personnel

We ensure that you have an excellent experience with high quality talent.

Service Promise

Exceeding the expectations of our clients with a professional and excellent service in the expected times.

Ease of Use

Easy to use tools with step by step personalized guidance.